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April 16, 2012

wedding preps + vendors

by Miss S

we have about 8 months plus to go. so far, we’ve made bookings for all the big vendors required.

Banquet Venue: Grand Park City Hall

AD Photographer: Joseph of Bittersweet Photography

AD Videographer: Yang of Substance Films

Gowns+Suit: Silhouette the Atelier (1 mtm wedding gown + mtm evening gown, 1 mtm suit).

AD Makeup Artist: Joey (from Silhouette)

Wedding Bands: Poh Heng (classic rounded bands in 916 gold)


Then, we need to make decisions for…

– Flowers ( Bridal Bouquet, Grooms’ boutonnière, Parents Corsages, Car Decor)

– Car (we’re hoping to borrow a car from friends… still keeping fingers crossed)

– Kua for tea ceremony

– Entourage attire?

Also, we have to get the parents to meet again to discuss the traditional items (si dian jin etc) so we can put that on our to-buy list. After that, comes the “Save the Date” invites for the ROM ceremony (keeping it intimate)… Then in August, we’re doing our prewedding shoot. And everything happens after that. Gotta settle the guest list by September/October so we can print the invites and send it out by November. Concurrently in November, we gotta have the food tasting + all the loose ends (trial makeup, fitting) + G’s room (be moving to his place after we get married… thats the plan for now).

I have a feeling i’m missing out some things… but i can’t place my finger on it. Oh well.

8 months! Gosh!

March 25, 2012

Wedding bands

by Mister G

Collected the bands last week!

Yeah it’s nothing fancy,  just evergreen classic gold rings. 🙂

We chose to be more practical about this mainly because the other wedding band series (Titanium / white gold / rose gold) were so much more expensive than the traditional gold ones – expect to pay at least 2 – 3 times higher for those.

On a side note, we spotted a pair of bling flats which can go with the gown and kua. It’s handmade from Korea and requires a pre-order. We should be expecting to collect it end of April 2012. In our excitement, we forgot to take pictures of it. LOL.

March 21, 2012

Our wedding bands

by Mister G

Gold price finally dropped! From a whooping $77.50/gram, it’s now $75/gram.

We’ve been waiting for the past 6 months for the price to dip, but it didn’t budge, not even a little. In fact the price just keeps going up.

No time to waste for such an opportunity. We retried our sizes and paid for the pair of bands on the spot.

Still got to wait for another 3 days for collection, for them to transfer the size we want from another branch.

January 13, 2012

The One Ring…

by Mister G

No no, it’s not the same one Dark Lord Sauron wielded. I’m talking about the engagement ring.

It’s a long overdue post actually. Was looking through my email inbox and chanced upon the attachments sent by JannPaul during the process of purchasing the engagement ring. These images were taken with the new machine they acquired, shot in HD. 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here’s the proposal ring box I made myself.  Prototypes:

The final product:

November 8, 2011

wedding bands

by Miss S

oh, forgot to mention that we popped by Love & Co yesterday and i think we found our wedding bands! i always knew that i wanted something simple and classic, nothing fancy but i couldn’t find anything that i liked. i’ve always loved how my parents and grandparent’s wedding bands were like – simple gold ring. that to me, symbolized forever and ever and it’s solid. haha.

so, we saw this ring and we both tried it on. i loved it! 

something similar to the above. simple right! the rest had a little design to it, which was nice at first, but i felt it wouldn’t stand the test of time. must be “nai kan”. and this definitely fits my requirements. heee.

so we’re gonna get quotations and tadah! one thing down. i hope the prices of gold will stay low so we won’t get a heart attack about the price when we buy it. ): and i have fat fingers so its gonna be more expensive. bleahh.

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